Black-owned company, Bovanti is improved than your normal make-up line

Marquis and Marquel Bohannon. (Photo credit: Bovanti Cosmetics)

Marquis and Marquel Bohannon. (Photo credit: Bovanti Cosmetics)

Bovanti Cosmetics is a Black-owned beauty business that has been in existence for over 30 years. With one store in Atlanta, Georgia, one in both Greensboro and Charlotte, North Carolina, and products accessible during sell shops, a line is usually expanding and apropos obvious for a top-notch make-up and a informational beauty classes.

But one of a best aspects of a business is that it is run by a tight-knit family. Bovanti — that is a mash-up of a family name Bohannon, “v” for “victory,” and a matriarch’s initial name — was started by Anita Bohannon and her husband. But now that a line is expanding, a couple’s daughters, 29-year-old Marquis (Bovanti sell president) and 28-year-old Marquel (Bovanti artistic director), are holding a family business to a subsequent level. The make-up artists have owned a stores in North Carolina for several years, and they also continue to pull a line brazen by incorporating their imagination on a hottest make-up styles and trends.

But Anita is still unequivocally most a partial of a line’s continued success. She is holding a Bovanti discussion in Atlanta on Apr 2 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. that will concentration on women’s empowerment and hold on subjects trimming from beauty, to finances, and even health. Former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star and Bovanti beauty envoy Shay Johnson will make an appearance, as good as author and conform engineer Lisa Nicole Cloud from Bravo’s “Married to Medicine.”

We spoke to a 3 women about a hurdles of carrying a family business, a hottest make-up trends for spring, and more.

How did Bovanti get a start?

Anita: We’ve been in business for about 34 years. I’m a connoisseur of Spelman College. Once we graduated, my father and we started out with models. We had a displaying troupe. We used to debate and we did opposite shows. As a outcome of a displaying agency, we indispensable make-up to request on a models. We wanted them to wear a possess brand, and that’s how we came adult with Bovanti Cosmetics. Bovanti means a present to a pleasing woman. From a cosmetic company, we started doing prolongation and shows. We’re a code now. We do make-up, we do brows, we do facials. We do make-up classes. We learn women how to commission themselves with make-up.

How has a association stretched over time? we know we are a family business now, and your daughters are some-more involved.

Anita: we adore that part, since they move a record to a company. One of a good ways we are flourishing is a fact that we’re on amicable media. We have stores in North Carolina and Atlanta. We have a outrageous mail sequence department, so when we do these several shows, we have business that call us behind to sequence product, so we’re branding ourselves that way. Make-up is one of a recession-proof businesses. Once we squeeze a mouth color, we have to have that mouth color. And we always launch new products. Right now, a biggest things is contouring and highlighting. That’s a newest trend, stealing blemishes with concealers and highlighting your best facilities so that we can have a sum beauty package.

Marquel: My sister and we graduated from Hampton University, and we wanted to make certain everybody had Bovanti. So we try to make certain a enlargement is everywhere. Not usually do we have a possess sell things in stores, though we have a online store also. That’s one of a biggest markets, since we boat globally and internationally. We try to make certain everybody can get Bovanti. We are operative on being in a city nearby you, so we’re operative on carrying some-more sell stores.

Photo credit: Bovanti Cosmetics

Photo credit: Bovanti Cosmetics

What is your specialty during Bovanti, Marquis?

Marquis: we am a sell boss of Bovanti Cosmetics. My pursuit is to take Bovanti to a subsequent turn in retail, so my sister and we non-stop adult stores in a Greensboro and Charlotte area in North Carolina, so it’s my pursuit to emanate new opportunities by placement and by sell locations. When we was younger, we always wanted to possess Bovanti. My father said, “You don’t have to take it over, Marquis, I’ll give it to you.” So with that being said, what I’m doing is expanding a code to other markets so some-more people know Bovanti as a worldwide brand.

What is opposite about Bovanti that creates it mount out from other cosmetic lines?

Marquel: We’re a family-owned business, and we’re a Black-owned cosmetics line. We offer services, and we even have skincare for men. We do it all. We offer opposite services that we can implement to stay youthful. I’m a protected esthetician, so we’re large on skincare, eating right, etc. So we teach clients on how to get their skin right to move out their best assets.

Do we run into any hurdles operative so closely with your family?

Anita: We’ve been in business for over 30 years, so we had to get to a indicate where we were welcoming fresh, new ideas when a daughters came on board. They’re unequivocally educated, and infrequently as parents, we don’t wish to take mind to what they’re saying, though over time, we comprehend that they have invested time and believe into flourishing a association to a subsequent level. So they move uninformed ideas, they keep us stream and creative. On a flip side, we adore that we’re a family-owned business and I’m with somebody that we can unequivocally trust. We have a lot of secrets that we share, and we don’t have to worry about it going anywhere else, since we are a tight-knit family. There’s so many family businesses out here, though we can’t have diseased links in a family. So we commission any other, and afterwards go out and commission other women as well.

What are a hottest trends for this open in make-up?

Marquel: What’s prohibited right now is a ideal brows. We have a ideal brow kit, that is a brow powders and brushes to request them. Everybody wants a ideal brow though doing too much, so that’s one of a large things. We also do brow extensions, that is when we request little hair to a skin to give a fuller brow. You can see all of that on a Instagram page. We also started doing a new technique called microbraiding. It’s like a brow tattoo, though it’s finished in strokes where it looks like hair. So it’s not your standard tattoo where a ink bleeds and spreads. It’s unequivocally neat and clean, and a clients like that they can get a full brow instantly. Another thing we offer is a Liquid Lipstick Matte. We have several colors — nude, red, pinks, black, and all in between. They stay on for 15 hours; they slip on as a gloss, and afterwards they dry matte. That’s one of a large trends, along with highlighting and contouring.

What is Bovanti’s best-selling item?

Marquis: Our Liquid Lipstick Matte. You can eat, drink, and lick with these colors. We have during slightest 10 colors we can select from. Another thing that’s renouned with us are a Perfect Match Foundation. It’s not going to burden your pores, and it’s long-lasting.

You have a discussion entrance up?

Anita: Yes, We’re going to have a initial Bovanti Beauty Star Women’s Conference. It’s going to be hold on Apr 2 during a Georgia International Convention Center in College Park. We’re going to have speakers. It’s an expo and energy luncheon. We have Cynthia Butler-McIntyre — she was a 24th inhabitant boss of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. She’s a 2016 keynote speaker. We also have some of a best experts in this attention on health, beauty, investment planning, and fitness. Shay Johnson from “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” is going to be featured in a conform show. She’ll be assisting women strech their aptness goals. I’ll be vocalization on purpose and passion. It’s from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. You’re going to be networking with attention leaders, you’ll accommodate some of a keynote speakers. We have a beauty bar, and a business pavilion. We’re vehement about it.

Anything else?

Marquis: Today is a anniversary for a store in Greensboro. My sister and we wanted to start a possess Bovanti and be a franchise, so currently we’re celebrating 6 years in business during a Greensboro location. We have some make-up classes. She’s a luminary stylist, so she’ll be speaking. We also offer hands-on classes that we do during a location, where a clients have an event to renovate their beauty with a right products.

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