Khloé Kardashian's Tricks For Styling Her New Short Hair


Even yet it’s been some time given Khloé Kardashian debuted her brief bob, she admits in a new post on her website that she’s “still perplexing to get used to [it].” Fortunately she (and her stylists) have figured out a approach to make her feel like her aged self: volume.

Kardashian has been regulating back-combing her hair so she gets a apparition of fullness. And of march a usually brush that does a pretence is a Kardashian Beauty Comb: “I guarantee it’s not only since my name is on it, LOL!!! It gets out all a tangles when we only wish to use it to brush my hair, gives me vital volume when we backcomb it and creates my partial true as an arrow,” writes Kardashian. Comb friendship is kind of a new difficulty of beauty mania for us. Anyone out there wish to make a box for their favorite?

Her initial pretence is to provoke her underlying layers for mega-volume. “After curling your hair, use a Kardashian Beauty brush to provoke a roots that are underneath a utmost covering of your hair. Hide a back-combed area with a low side part,” writes Kardashian. (See below—and yes, these cinema underline Kardashian with prolonged hair, though she swears these are her short-hair tips.)


The second approach she uses her brush is to back-comb her climax for “modern manifestation hair.” She works a hair during a climax of a head, afterwards smooths down a tip covering of her hair. In a front, “use a pointy finish of a Kardashian Beauty brush to mangle adult curls for a beachy, lived-in look,” instructs Kardashian.


There’s also a raked-back look. Kardashian back-combs her hair during a climax and temples and invariably sprays hair mist by her hair as she combs. The formula demeanour like this:


And finally, Kardashian uses a finish of her brush in a approach we’re all informed with: a ideally true part. And we’ve got to say, her partial is flattering flawless:


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Khloe Kardashian is blissful she wasn’t innate in 1919:

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