What Makes A Drama A Hit

There have been some groundbreaking dramas down through the years that have touched the hearts of many. Millions of people are familiar with well-known

'Much Maligned Television' Had Its Moment 35 Years Ago Today

35 years ago currently was a staggering one for TV news. Ronald Reagan was sworn in as a 40th boss of a United States.

Netflix is fleshing out the film module with 5 new indie movies

Tweet Share Now that a initial few Sundance Film Festival purchases are out of a way, Netflix is removing behind to spending in other corners

The makeup shades we don't speak about

Photo by JENNELYNNE.COM and Jennifer Bauer-Leffler | The State Press The make-up collection during Tempe’s CVS store mirrors that of standard pharmacies and groceries

Little black badge crawl ties are a hottest new luminary character fact – here's where to get a look

[unable to collect full-text content] Mirror.co.ukLittle black badge crawl ties are a hottest new celebrity style fact – heres where to get a lookMirror.co.ukLittle

Trump: Don't Worry About All-White Oscars Because BET Awards Are All-Black

CREDIT: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky Donald Trump campaigning in Iowa on Tuesday Donald Trump played down concerns about a lack of diversity among 2016 Academy

Nina Dobrev & Sarah Hyland Dress Up for Ellen's Women in Television Dinner

Nina Dobrev is beautiful in black and white while attending Elle’s 2016 Women In Television Dinner hold during Sunset Tower Hotel on Wednesday dusk

2015's Blockbuster Movies + Lego = One Amazing Supercut

[unable to collect full-text content] WIRED2015s Blockbuster Movies + Lego = One Amazing SupercutWIREDThis might be news to you, though people suffer Lego versions

Instagrammer Combines His Love Of Makeup With Snacks And It's Magic

This Instagram comment is usually like a bag of chips, it’s filled with flavor. Makeup artist Tim Owens’ Skelotim is packed with makeup tutorials desirous

Spike Lee: Diversity emanate 'goes serve than a Academy Awards'

Spike Lee, on a Chicago set of his film ‘Chi-Raq.’(Photo: Parrish Lewis) Legendary executive Spike Lee says that when he announced he wasn’t going

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