This Month's Best Car Movies on Netflix

It’s Apr 1st: Happy Apr Fool’s Day, or a holiday when we learn how few people are competent to work at The Onion. Should we tarry a antic onslaught, Apr 1st is also a date during that many film and radio licenses begin, definition a whole new stand of party is entrance to Netflix. (Some other titles are, of course, expiring. Circle of life.) Among a rom-coms, Oscar-winners, and lost B-movies are some honeyed rides. Yes, currently outlines a final day you’ll be means to heat-up a Hot Pocket and watch 2 Fast 2 Furious, yet fear not: there are copiousness of sexy, fast, infrequently on-fire vehicles roving in to fill that void. Your Netflix, and your chill, will survive.

16 Blocks

This somewhat-forgotten 2016 thriller featured Bruce Willis as a rumpled NYPD patrolman and Mos Def as his charge. The task? Get Mos to a building only—you guessed it—16 blocks away, yet he’s wanted during each turn. The piece steel is zero reduction than a New York MTA bus, banged-up and shot by within an in. of a life.

Boogie Nights

The cars of the Boogie Nights era were, motor-wise, flattering flaccid. Dirk Diggler’s esteem ’77 Corvette, for example, creates good underneath 200 horsepower. It’s considerable to demeanour at, though, and that’s a movies. Babe.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Space convey magnificence, ’tis all.

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