Celebrity Skincare Secrets

microdermThe flawless complexions we see on our favourite celebrities can often be attributed to a) nature or luck at the genetic lottery, b) Photoshop, or c) diligent attention to skin care. Even as these celebrities age, quite a few of them seem to look better than the average mortal. Other than having good genes and benefiting from the talents of a good photo editor, many celebrities rely on skin treatments to maintain their skins’ youthful glow. Microdermabrasion machine treatments are a standard for these high-profile Hollywood types. Not only is the quick, no pain, no recovery time skin exfoliation procedure ideal for their busy, on-the-go schedules, it also helps in immediately counteracting the heavy toll their complexions undergo from stress, physical and mental fatigue, change in environment, and constant application of heavy cosmetics. Hour-long facial treatments can be an actual quick spa microdermabrasion or it can be done in any location with a portable device. The results are immediately visible on the skin and the actual hour of downtime can also be mentally and physically refreshing as well. Aside from the instant yet gentle skin peel and deep cleansing, celebrities also enjoy expensive skin care products from StriVectin to La Mer. Professional microdermabrasion machine treatments help make the most out of these pricey creams and concentrates by improving the skin’s permeability and thereby increasing whatever benefits that can be derived from them. Even the most dedicated thespians have succumbed to Hollywood’s ageism, going through various procedures and risking not just their faces but also their ability to perform—with expression-numbing Botox injections—in the name of vanity. However, as technology advances, they have more and more options for maintaining their youthful looks. Microdermabrasion continues to be a universally popular anti-aging skin treatment and the celebrities who employ it also add to its overall fame. As more and more practitioners offer the service, it has also become easier for us regular people to enjoy the same benefits.