Microdermabrasion: At Home Teen Spa Party

microdermabrasion-personal-microdermWith teenage girls, nothing spells disaster more than acne and the unsightly scarring it leaves behind. It is no wonder that anti-acne treatments and skin care products are aggressively pushed to this particular segment of the market. This is why an all girls spa-style party at home makes for a great party theme. It tackles a number of teen-centric issues that adolescent females can’t but not take on. Setting up for such a party is easy. Prepare the typical spa-style services keeping in mind to focus on anti-acne and pore declogging treatments instead of the typical skin-rejuvenation and anti-aging ones designed for a spa’s more mature clientele. You can prepare an array of store-bought treatment offerings such as pore-strips, peel-off masks, and manicure and pedicure essentials. The rest can be easily prepared at home. Another option is to put up a scrub and mask bar filled with homemade goopy treats with ingredients that can include oatmeal, yogurt, honey, baking soda, sugar, and coffee. Set up a pore cleansing station, this is usually the focal point of a spa party for this demographic. Put up a vaporizer or a facial steam sauna—any misting or steam producing device will do so long as you ensure that it will be safe to use for this purpose. An at-home microdermabrasion machine, if you have it, will be a highlight for the spa party. It will up the ante and give your party a more realistic professional spa feel. A home diamond microdermabrasion device is a better option over a crystal one if only for the simpler handling, otherwise, any good home microderm machine will do quite well. Today’s at-home devices are more advanced, powerful yet safe and easy to use; they’ll make a popular addition to a teen home spa party for all the deep exfoliation they can deliver to acne-prone teenage skin. Lastly, throw in age-appropriate mood music and light and healthy snacks that go with the spa theme and you’re all set.