Microdermabrasion for Anti-aging

younger-looking-skin-micordermabrasionEven before reaching a certain age, many women (and now, even men) become more aware about the signs of aging that are slowly but surely becoming more visible on their faces. The long fight against wrinkles begin for women as early as their mid to late 20s. From applying heaps of sunblock to glopping on moisturizers and anti-aging treatments, many will take on a wide variety of treatments and creams to delay the inevitable. One of the most popular procedures for fighting the signs of aging is microdermabrasion. Similar to many other peels that promise smoother and more supple skin, microdermabrasion machine treatments are the most in demand form of deep exfoliation due to fact that it is the least invasive of all of the procedures. Still, there are those who aren’t fully converted to the benefits that the deep skin cleansing and exfoliation that a dermabrasion treatment can bring is enough to fight skin aging. Given that these treatments are affordable, quick, and require little to no recovery period (and by this, waiting for that sometimes flushed complexion post treatment is what qualifies as “recovery”), it is understandable that people sometimes have difficulty in grasping the concept. The benefits of a professional microdermabrasion treatment, whether done using crystal or diamond-tip microdermabrasion machines, go beyond the scraping off of dried up surface skin. While the abrasion does lead to the revelation of a fresher, softer, undamaged layer of the skin, it is also important in the stimulation of collagen production. The microdermabrasion treatment jumpstarts the system and induces the skin to generate more collagen, and more collagen leads to better skin elasticity and therefore, more or the supple feel instead of the saggy tendency of older, collagen deficient skin. Additionally, the tougher outermost layer of the skin often acts as a barrier that all our topical products have a hard time penetrating. With properly and thoroughly exfoliated skin, these top facial products can easily seep through the skin layers and deliver maximum benefits. As an anti-aging weapon, microdermabrasion acts both as a direct and indirect tool. The treatment delivers immediate advantages of deep exfoliation, cleansing, and collagen production stimulation, and also many other concomitant benefits.