Microdermabrasion Machine Treatments: Making It A Habit

microdermabrasion-hydrafacialWe try to combat the harsh effects of sun exposure with many proven skin treatment products and techniques. As much as we’ve all heard how we ought to wear sunscreen to protect our complexions, the truth of the matter is, we are quite dependent on treatment instead of prevention. What we often fail to grasp is that preventing skin aging and treating its signs often work hand in hand. Many of us apply all these skin care products such as moisturizers, skin repair serums, et cetera, and go through assorted procedures to keep wrinkles and other indications of aging and sun damage at bay. These procedures often include microdermabrasion machine treatments, laser skin resurfacing, fancy facials, and chemical peels. But, without the protective shield of sunscreen, all these products and treatments may not help at all and may actually end up advancing skin damage. How so? Imagine going through a deep exfoliation or even a skin peel procedure. With a newly revealed layer of the skin exposed to the harsh elements, particularly to the harmful rays of the sun, the damage can be quite deep and lasting. It is obvious that caring for the skin is a two-process of repair and protection. We can use all the tools at our disposal for improving and repairing the fine lines, sun spots, and unevenness in tone such as lasers, diamond microdermabrasion, ultrasound, along with all the top products like StriVectin serums and La Mer crèmes but without the complement of sun protection in the form of sunscreen—whether in the direct form or those added to many other cosmetics women often use such as moisturizers, foundation, and even lip color—it will be an expensive, wasteful, and inevitably futile measure.