Microdermabrasion: Skin Care Made Convenient

microdermabrasion-deep-skin-cleansingA common deep exfoliation technique known as microdermabrasion is gaining popularity swiftly in the skin care industry. The various treatments that this exfoliating process utilizes are becoming more accessible and more affordable. The process involved is usually done facially and involves the “buffing out” of the outer layer of dead skin known as the stratum corneum. This skin abrasion procedure is accomplished by using an abrasive-tipped motorized device or an apparatus that uses a vacuum and fine-crystals against the stratum corneum, shedding all of the dead skin-cells on the surface to reveal healthy young skin underneath. This method is also used by professionals to remove various dermal aberrations including clogged pores, so the conduction of this operation is most often completed by a Dermatologist in very controlled conditions. Even though there are cosmetic and skin-health improvements from this procedure, the benefits of microdermabrasion vacuum treatments are not without their side effects; some of which include swelling of the areas that were treated and redness of the eyes as well as the possibility that the dermatologist might make an error and do permanent damage to your skin.¬†With recent improvements in dermal technology, microdermabrasion machines have become portable devices that can be operated by anyone regardless of dermatological background. Sometimes compared to the electric shaver, these miniature devices accomplish a similar effect that a visit to the dermatologist for the equivalent treatment would achieve. The cost of these devices is minimal compared to the fees associated with regular visits to have the procedure done by a professional. Alternatives exist to the hand-held machines as well, existing in the form of scrubs and creams that contain a similar structure to the crystals used in the vacuum procedure. More and more consumers are foregoing the lengthy medical visits in favor of the more portable alternative of a personal device. The risks involved in using a handheld machine are far less than those presented by the vacuum, making it the cheaper, safer and more convenient skin-care option.