Wedding Day Makeup Dos and Don'ts


There are so many things we wish to have finished ideally on your marriage day — seating arrangements, music, catering, decor, etc. So mostly times, one of a many critical things, your makeup, has a intensity to be overlooked. But it shouldn’t, since of all a time, effort, and adore we are putting into your wedding, and there will be cinema that we wish will final a lifetime. There is positively an art to makeup and a application, and to share some tips on a subject, we teamed adult with beauty guru @JessSouthern of Blushington to learn her do’s and don’ts for your special day.


The Don’ts

Don’t do a shine or glisten bronzer. To get a spousal shot we are looking for, equivocate glitter, that could chuck off a lighting in your photography.

Don’t stoop to trends – be original.

Don’t go with red if it is not a tone we generally use. You wish to demeanour behind during cinema and feel like yourself, so chose a demeanour that creates we feel gentle and beautiful.

Don’t get a facial within 3 days of your marriage reception. You don’t wish fresh, open pores to be lonesome in makeup only days after a treatment.

Don’t have any cosmetic procession like Botox finished in a days before. You never know how your skin will conflict – bruising, allergic reactions, etc.

Don’t use shine shadow.

Don’t request resolutely colored shadow, as it might not be a many respectful for a wedding. A neutral palette will always emanate a undying look.


The Do’s

Do run a spousal makeup hearing before determining on your final look. This is a ideal approach to exam your demeanour and make final tweaks. Because (let’s face it) not all visions spin into ideal realities.

Do have a test-run of your mist tan 3 months prior, ideally along with your makeup trial. With a tan, all of your makeup preferences are theme to change.

Do use a substructure even if we don’t routinely – it will safeguard that your face will stay flawless all day long.

Do supplement lashes! This will make all on your eyes cocktail by giving a thespian nonetheless healthy feel.

Do use a environment mist as this will assistance a longevity of your makeup. Through all of a dispatch and discord of a day, we won’t have to be disturbed about touching adult your makeup during photos and via a celebration.

Do keep makeup soothing and smokey – opt for some-more healthy or pointed pops of tone if we wish to intensify your eyes.

Do cruise your plcae – if it’s humid, opt for an airbrush substructure that will tarry longer.


When it comes down to it, whatever makeup demeanour creates we feel a best is a many important. Paired with these useful hints, we are certain that whatever final demeanour we confirm with emanate a pleasing marriage day look.


Blushington x Love Detailed

Makeup: Blushington
Photography: Jodee Debes Photography and Vanessa Tierney Photography
Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar
Dresses: Paper Crown

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